Line-to-Ground Lightning Protection Assembly using a high energy Gas Discharge Tube

The Model SSS-G145CB provides Line-to-Ground Lightning Protection on lower voltage power and signal line pairs with a Line-to-Line voltage limit of 20VDC or 14VRMS (AC) [i.e. nominal 12VDC power feeders are one application]

Note: This device replaces the Model SSS-G145 and SSS-G145NI. This device is electrically identical to the SSS-G145 and SSS-G145NI. However, the Gas Discharge Tube is mounted to a printed circuit board that emulates the footprint of a standard lightning arrester. The circuit board mounting provides a rugged and highly reliable device. Please contact us if you are interested in the SSS-G145 or the SSS-G145NI as we can make them.

Downloadable and printable product page (PDF)


  • Components are mounted to a printed circuit board that is form and fit compatible with a standard lightning adapter
  • High-Energy Gas Tube Arrester Protection rated for 20kA discharge
  • High-Energy Gas Tube provides air gap isolation
  • Gas Discharge Tube is UL Listed
  • Robust and cost effective Line-to-Ground Protection solution for low voltage signal, power, and communication


  • Mounts on standard AAR terminal blocks (not supplied) with 2-3/8" center-to-center post dimensions (standard for lightning arresters) or any AAR terminal block strips that are positioned to accept a standard lightning arrester spacing
  • Utilizes open slots at the ends of the circuit board for mounting flexibility and easy maintenance
  • All copper traces are on the underside of the board to prevent accidental shorting
  • Connection to the AAR Posts is on the underside of the circuit board
  • Used as Line-to-Ground protection on Line Pairs whose Line-to-Line Voltage does not exceed 20VDC or 14VRMS
  • Not for track-wire Line-to-Ground protection

Electrical & Temperature Specifications

  • Used as Line-to-Ground protection on Line Pairs whose Line-to-Line Voltage does not exceed 20VDC or 14VRMS
  • Maximum continuous applied DC voltage (across the device) = 10VDC
  • Maximum continuous applied AC voltage (across the device) = 7VRMS
  • DC Conduction Voltage @ 1mA (steady energy applied) = 115 to 175VDC
  • Peak Current Handling Capability = 20kA (8x20μS Waveform)
  • Typical Capacitance = 1pF
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +70°C
  • DC Breakdown Voltage (nominal) = 145 Volts
  • Typical firing voltage for a 1000V/μS transient ≈ 700 Volts Peak
  • Arc Voltage (across the device) = 12 Volts minimum
  • Insulation Resistance = >1000 MΩ
  • Surge Life = 1000 minimum @ 500A (10x1000μS)



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