This assembly is comprised of a high energy 20mm MOV with lead dress making it suitable for easy installation and high reliability service.

The leads are covered with Teflon Tubing to both protect the leads from accidental damage and to prevent inadvertent shorting of the circuit to which it is applied.

The leads are terminated with ring terminals that are both crimped and soldered to the leads for high reliability operation. The ring terminals will accommodate standard AAR style terminal posts and posts up to 1/4" diameter.

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Electrical & Temperature Specifications:

  • Maximum continuous applied DC voltage = 170VDC
  • Maximum continuous applied AC voltage = 130VRMS
  • 1mA DC Conduction Voltage Range = 184 to 226VDC
  • Peak Current Handling Capacity = 10,000A (8x20μS Waveform)
  • Energy Handling Capacity = 100 Joules
  • Typical Capacitance = 1,900pF
  • Maximum Clampin Voltage = 340 Volts Peak @ 100A device current
  • Operating Temperature = -40 to +70°C


Secondary protection on 120VAC rack bus terminals (to be mounted on the rack) and any 120VAC line pair leaving or entering the Signal House / Case for auxiliary functions (to be mounted on the Main Terminal Board)


This assembly is a single high-energy MOV equipped with insulated lead wires and ring terminals for immediate mounting to standard AAR Terminal posts. This is a secondary stage protector and is readily used in the Site-Specific Solutions Distributed Protection Architecture. These devices are to be used throughout a Signal House, Office, Signal Room, or Signal Case wherever a nominal 120 VAC line pair is used. These are very effective in rack protection where they are wired across the AC power bus terminal posts located in your equipment racks, protecting all AC powered equipment within the rack. These are also excellent protection for incoming or outgoing AC power branch circuits to or from the Signal House or satellite cases and AC powered signal heads. The best installation location for these applications is the Main Terminal Board and at the AC feed terminals on equipment racks. This assembly can be built for any AC power voltage requirement you may have.

These devices are to be used for secondary level branch circuit protection only and are not to be used for protecting the AC Power Mains Breaker Panel.

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