This device is used in Line-to-Line (also known as across-the-line) applications where DC power feeds are run throughout the Signal House with limited exposure to the outside elements. It is also an excellent protector for regulated DC Power Supplies, and in that application multiple Model SSS-T516s would be mounted and wired as close as possible to the power supply. The Model SSS-T516 should be used liberally throughout the Houses / Cases as part of the Site-Specific Solutions "Distributed Protection Architecture".

These devices are used in Line-to-Line (across-the-line) applications where 12VDC power feeds (B12 / N12 typically) are run throughout the Signal House or Case with some exposure to the outside elements. These devices have insulated leads and have ring terminations to fit standard AAR posts.

These are not to be used as Line-to-Ground protectors.

Please consult Site-Specific Solutions to determine the right device for your application.

Downloadable and printable product page (PDF)



Electrical Specifications:

  • Reverse Stand-off Voltage = 16.5VDC
  • Energy Handling Capability = 5 Joules (5000 Watts for 1ms)
  • Voltage Range to Initiate 5mA DC Conduction = 17.8 to 19.7 VDC
  • Maximum Peak Pulse Current = 192 Amperes (10x1000μS waveform)
  • Maximum DC Clamping Voltage @ Peak Pulse Current = 26 Volts Peak


  • Rugged Heavy Lead Construction
  • Standard lead length to accommodate 2-3/8" center-to-center terminal spacing
  • Ring Terminals for easy installation and replacement (Spade Lugs are optional)
  • Line-to-Line Secondary / Tertiary Level Protection for a nominal 12VDC Source
  • Not to be used as a primary stage protector
  • Not to be used as a Line-to-Ground protector
  • Custom adaptations available

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