Nominal 13.5 Volt Isolated Output 100W DC-DC Converter

This power supply is used where it is desirable to have an isolated 13.5VDC source powered from a 24VDC input. This supply can deliver up to 7A continuously.

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Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage Range = 9 to 32VDC
  • Output = Nominal 13.5VDC, isolated
  • Output Range = 11.5 to 12.2VDC no load to 2A
  • Rated Load Current = 7A Continuous
  • Two-stage lightning protection on both the Input and Output, no additional protection required
  • Input is fused at 10A and uses a standard ATO Miniature Automotive Plug-in style fuse for easy replacement
  • Continuous short-circuit protaction with automatic restart
  • Isolation: Input-to-Output is 2,250VDC
  • LED Status indicators for the input and output circuits for quick status indication and troubleshooting

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Open Board Design (Identical to the Model SSS-12-24-ISO-48 design
  • Dimensions: 6-4/5" x 3-3/4"
  • Mounting and electrical connections are made through standard AAR terminal post connections with 1" centers. No wiring directly to the board for easy installation
  • Weight = 14.12 oz.


Functional Wiring Diagram:


This power supply provides an isolated 13.5VDC source from a nominal 24VDC input. In addition, this power supply is equipped with 2-stage lightning protection on both the input and output. This eliminates the need for any external protection and you do not have to find space to install the protection.

This power supply mounts directly onto standard AAR terminal blocks and all connections are made through the board itself. This allows for easy mounting and replacement, as well as making it so you never need to disconnect the wires from the the AAR Terminal Block.

The unit has an onboard dedicated fuse that will disconnect the supply from the House batttery so it will not take your facility down in case of a failure. The fuse is socket mounted for easy replacement. The fuse is a standard ATO automotive style available at any auto parts store.


  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Lead Time: Stock to 8 Weeks
  • Please contact us with any further questions or concerns

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